A holistic approach to enhance movement and muscular performance

Unlike other well-known methods that promise to help how you can move; we use a system-based approach. By collecting large amounts data about your body, we are able to reverse-engineer and determine precisely where you need the most care.

This leads to the fastest, most efficient way to achieve results compared to other forms of exercise or therapy-based modalities.

Strategic Muscle Systems Other modalities
Focus Identifying the cause(s) Treating only the symptoms
Science Informed exclusively by data-science Trendy and pseudoscientific
Speed A custom plan Endless appointments
Results Long-term and lasting Short-term and temporary

Read more about the science of bio-motor-configurationalism and systematicity.

Theodore B. Achacoso, MD Founding Pioneer, Health Optimization Medicine and Practice (HOMe/HOPe)

Dave views the kinetic body as an ecosystem of networked parts. Adjusting one part may mean adjusting a body part distant to the location of your pain or discomfort. These are all done to balance all the elements of the network to move properly and harmoniously across body planes. This is Dave's unique expertise!